Why Buy American Products?

This can be a reason I believe very strongly in American made products, and think every American when coming up with a purchase should spend simply a little to compare a north american made product to imported products.

Since the 1960’s, America has recently been in a trade debt. We import more goods than we export. Inside the 1980’s, the level tipped even more, and in 2010, the investment deficit was roughly 250 usd Billion! That means we imported $500 Billion more worth of goods than we exported. Como comprar produtos importados

Here is a very simple example… You continually sell $1. 00 items to your neighbor, and he markets you $2. 00 items. It will not take long, and your neighbors will have all the money and you will have none, especially due to “throw-away” goods, which started out in the 1980’s. (Throwaway meaning you can make use of it once or twice, in fact it is absent. Examples include Glad Ware and Ziploc containers, vs glass bowls and canning jars). 

This same strategy is more complex when looking at nations, but holds very true. That is also different, what is imported and released, when it comes to the economy and careers. Raw materials are far better to import than finished goods, because you can add value to them, and turn a profit. This is also true, if we export the finished product.

For example, my neighbor Tom is a farmer. He needed more crop space, so sold some oak trees and shrubs to my neighbor Chad, who cut them into boards, and sold them to me. I made them into birdhouses, and sold them to my neighbor Rick. Rick also owns the local gas station, and sells gas for all of my neighbours, Tom’s tractor, Bob’s sawmill and my truck for transportation. If each of us were his own country, our company is imported uncooked materials and selling a product with value added to it. (Except for Rick buying my birdhouse). If everyone spends all of their money or barters evenly, no-one is too much rich, we are all living to meet our needs with no overabundance of and no deficit.

Today, what if Tom, Frank and I decided we would buy gas from Sally across the street, rather than David, because Sally has more gas than her trading circle needs, so the girl cut the price. The short-term gain is that Tom will spend less money raising and collection crops, Bob can lower lumber for less money, making more profits and i also can deliver birdhouses and also have more success. HOWEVER, Sally is away of our trading group, she does not buy groceries and milk from Tom, she does not buy wood from Chad and she will not buy my birdhouses. If circuit runs for a long period of your energy, Rick will stop buying birdhouses, because he does not have money from gas sales, when he does that, Let me stop buying boards and quit developing, Bob will also stop buying timber to switch into lumber, and Tom’s price for his woods will plummet. Our little economy, destroyed.

Generations go away… I do not show anyone to build birdhouses, Bob does not show anyone how to slice wood, and Tom halts milking, since he are not able to generate profits doing it. Nowadays, our economy has a tougher time to improve, because we have lost the skill sets we once had within our trading circle.