Why all eBay eBook Sellers Need an eBay Store

Is definitely owning an eBay store may be worth the expense? My spouse and i personally think any serious eBay seller should have an eBay store and in this information I will try to make clear the benefits associated with owning an eBay store. buy sprayway on eBay

1. Owning an amazon store gives you your own unique URL to promote.

Getting the own hyperlink to promote means you can promote your amazon store from your sales, about me page, email signatures, forum signatures, sites, articles, eBooks, newsletters and so on. 

installment payments on your You look more professional.

In the event you look like a professional seller you will sell more. Obviously a lot of factors depend to looking professional such as excellent feedback but having an eBay store adds to the professional look. Also, a completely stocked eBay store offers you a professional look and with eBooks this is easily achieved at low cost.

3. You may sell multiple store items for a few dollars per month.

You got it, you can list an e-book with a 1000 items available and this could cost only a few cents per month. Actually you could list multitude of different items in your eBay store as store inventory items for around $30 each month. The bare minimum price to accomplish this with a thousand auctions would be almost 10 times the price.

4. You get to send out store newsletters.

Certainly, you can build your own eBay subscriber databases. Every time someone leaves feedback for you on eBay they get asked if they would like you to be added to their favourite retailers list. If they recognize they can also register to your store publication. This means you can mail out mailings to your past customers. Plus you can also set up eBay to deliver away regular mailings for you every 2 weeks.

There is also the possibility to add a link to your store newsletter and store favourites in your entire deals. This is an important promotion tool eBay provides, just go through the top right corner of any of my listings to see these links for. This kind of means you can add people to your craigs list mailing list even if they don’t primarily purchase from you.

5. You can ‘feature’ your most profitable items.

By putting your most popular items in the featured section of your eBay store you are gaining maximum publicity for the things that make you the most money.

6. You can customise your eBay store to differ yourself from other eBay users.

After some HTML experience you can add categories, logo’s, images, pictures and far more to give your eBay store a more personalised, professional look. Even if you are not familiar with HTML you can still create a nice-looking looking auction web sites store.

7. You can track sales and traffic.

By using the monitoring services eBay provides you can track an entire host of features such as your most seen items, store traffic, search conditions used in your store, where your tourists came from and a lot more.

8. You can link to your store from your entire sale.

If you are using all the tools eBay provides you can have up to twelve links to your craigs list store from every public auction you run. Without an eBay store you can have 3 or 4 links at the most linking to your other items.