The Best Fish and Chip Shop in Sydney

Discovering a good place that sells good fish and chips in Sydney is a hard find. Many of the fish and chip shops these times only sell freezed dry chips and poor quality battered fish. Only a few do not make handmade, well cooked fish and poker chips that aren’t too saturated and extremely crispy. mobile chip shop for event hire

To help you find the best fish and chips in Sydney, here are the best!


Situated in Byron Bay, Bondi and Macho, this place serves some of the best seafood and chips ever! Every of their chips are hand cut, and they taste very fresh and crispy. They must use some special oil to cook these chips as they taste delicious! 

Acquaintance Beach Fish and Nick Shop

Located in Summer season Bay in Sydney’s Upper Beaches, these chips are renown with the residents. Plus, you have the added reality it’s located near one of best waterfronts in Sydney where you can watch the boats come in. A dependable location to get the best chips!

Bottom of the Harbour

Located in Balmoral, this fish and chip shop you have to line up to. The fishes they provide at the place is like heaven. The seafood doesn’t break and show up apart easy, and you could actually taste the fresh seafood. The chips are crispy and properly seasoned. You might have to pay extra of the weekends or general population holiday because the demand at the place is extraordinary! This really is a place where you keep arriving to come back and again!