Straight Razor Vs Safety Blades and Disposable Razors

New trends are shifting towards more classic shaving products, and away from off-the-shelf products that can be bought at the local food market. The question is why? Why would anyone want to skip the simplicity of shaving with a safety razor to utilize a straight cutting tool? twin blade disposable razors supplier

For many men, it just comes down to pure preference. When in a rush, choose the protection blade; however, if you wish to make shaving less stressful and more of a hobby, one must go with the in a straight line blade. There are few things as pleasing in men’s grooming than stropping your razor, mixing your cream and succumb to a good, old-fashion slice. 

Personal preferences aside, there are a few benefits to by using a straight cutter. First good thing about by using an in a straight line blade is to reduce irritation. By having one single point of contact, you reduce the pull and pull of multiple blades, and wrap up slicing each individual blade of hair. The first few times you use the straight razor, you may wrap up cutting yourself a few times, but once you get the hold of it, you can say goodbye to annoying razor burns. Even though you can get a really close shave with most safety razors out there, nothing can come near the long-lasting, close slice that you will get from an in a straight line blade. Finally, with the maneuverability of any straight cutting tool, you can finally reach the hard angles of the chin and guitar neck while still getting a close comfortable shave.

Once learning how to get rid of with a vintage direct razor, it is extremely recommended that you watch several online tutorials before you jump into using the blade. Also, make certain that the first time you use an in-line blade, you have sufficient time to take it gradual. The last thing you want is to dash through your first time.

Switching to classic waxing products can be high priced to someone who is not familiar with the industry. For anyone who is on a budget, you may want to stick with the stuff you can buy at your local food store. That being said there are a lot websites that are now carrying all the products necessary to bridge the gap into the world of basic shaving at very affordable price. For the best experience in classic peal products be sure to about the pre-shave oil, classic saving cream, shaving brush, mixing up mug, straight blade, and aftershave. Combining all of these products will greatly improve your overall shaving experience and give you the closest, most comfortable peal of your life.