Residential Area Importance In Fast Growing Sofia

Amounts show that the human population of Sofia is swiftly growing to 2 mil or around 40% from the total population of Bulgaria. In the recent years, they have witnessed the process of enormous activity in housing construction, with new apartment buildings showing extremely fast, however, often at the expense of much slower advancement the infrastructure in the region where new apartments are located. Thus, people often find themselves moving into nice, but isolated areas, where the possession of a car is important in order to have contact with the rest of the world, including even the simplest everyday things like buying an aspirin. Then when it comes to taking kids to the kindergarten or allowing them to play in the neighborhood, it gets all too complicated, as this did not include taken into account in the building process. Having this in brain is therefore important when it comes in order to the choice of the area in Sofia in which to decide. Kingsford Waterbay

From all residential areas in Sofia, there is the one which stands out. The most significant number of companies collected in one place, hypermarkets and a movie theater complex available, plus further serious plans for development of shops, a city station operational within two years and ring street improvement plans for easier and faster connections to other parts of the location – this is how Business Park Sofia can de described today. Incredibly fast, it has switched from an isolated area with business buildings when first open, to an increasingly attractive and popular put in place Sofia today. 

The area around Business Park Sofia has yet enormous opportunities for development, which investors have started exploiting. Currently, a fresh combo of high quality residential property, office complexes, retail centre and leisure facilities, called Associated with Fountains is under building just within 350m from the office buildings of the business enterprise Park. Judging from the plans of the investors, this will be a special place in Sofia, as it provides something much more than just apartments to live in. When finished, will probably be a tiny city of its own – a careful well-balanced blend between residential rentals, trade and office complexes, recreational centers, cafes and restaurants, kindergarten, and of course – excellent shopping opportunities.

With this composition and with this location, Associated with Fountains will be the settler of recent standards when it comes to picking away modern-day successful people who look for apartments in Sofia. Inside, it has anything that a family or a business person needs in the course of the day. And away of doors lies one of the speediest producing areas in Sofia, plus it has convenient links to the Sofia city center, as well as the Sofia airport and the key roads outside the city.