Police Officers Becomer Victims of Theft During Charity Football Game

Amazing as it might seem to be, even the police are not immune to fraud. It was a field straight out of Smart Troopers when guns and badges (which belonged to several Hillcrest law adjustment personnel) were stolen during a charity football game that was played against Los Angeles police. The stolen items included 3 handguns, four badges, some charms and cash. The theft was found out at the halftime break between the LAPD Centurions and the San Diego Enforcers. This game took place at a nearby high college. how to watch nfl games

The Enforcers incorporate people from different North park area law enforcement and edge patrol agencies. It was against the law which took bravery because the break-in occurred during broad day and when there were lots of folks on grounds. Following a game, people could see officers with K-9 units walking about the football field. None of the items that were stolen were the property of LAPD officers. Equally teams had separate locker rooms and it came out that there were no signs of forced admittance into the Enforcers’ locker room. The stolen items came from bags which were not locked away in lockers. Both of the teams are charitable and play to advantage various charities. 

This contributes to the thought that just as much as locker rooms are places that one might not expect to see security digital cameras, they should be considered (only in certain areas of course). This way, the person or individuals accountable for this theft could have been captured on camera and perhaps already under arrest. It could well be that it might have been somebody who was well aware of these charity games. That they had planned when and at what time they could strike so that they would be significantly away when the fifty percent time break came. That is therefore important to consider security cameras as a solution to prevent thieves knowing that soon they will be unmasked and caught. With no camera in place, it may turn out that a theft will certainly not be uncovered.

Therefore, universities and institutions should also make sure that they may have security cams positioned in strategic places to capture suspects. Maybe when a good security camera have been positioned right near to the locker room door, the suspect would have recently been caught entering and leaving. That would have helped to speed up the investigation of this circumstance. All buildings which have people coming and heading in large numbers must have a good security system must be lot of the time thieves target them because they feel that they can get lost in the crowd. Good, clear footage on camera can always be of great help in these sorts of situations. So, if you are in charge of the safety of an institution or an institution and the safety of the people who enter and exit from the building take time to consider top of the line security cams.

Within a perfect world, you could trust everyone-employees, vendors, customers and total strangers. Unfortunately, it requires only one dishonest person camouflaged among all the good people your business deals with day in and day out that will put your business at risk. And take it from the safety Genius… that one “bad egg” often turns out to be the person you’d least expect.