A Short List of the Most Common Golfing Equipment

For the person to thoroughly enjoy any sport, it would be best for him to have the proper equipment. Golf is merely one of those sports that want a person to know different sorts of playing golf equipment if a person wants to fully understand the game. www.golfsty.com

Basics #1 – Golf Attire

All of the golf ranges have their own set of golfing dress codes. A person cannot just enter a golf range with whatever attire and expect that he would be acceptable to play. Though the dress code is determined by the golf range, the general pair of golf attire is a clean collared bordo shirt and golf trousers. A golfer should avoid wearing jeans and valuables pants to the field. Rubber shoes are also not allowed inside, as they tend to destroy the grass. A good pair of golf shoes is highly recommended. 

Essentials #2 – Ball

This kind of golfing equipment is a tiny ball that is protected with dimples. This is typically white though there are also baseballs available in bright neon colors, to make it easier for the golfer to locate these. This can be one of the golfing equipment that has strict rules after it. Baseballs are not allowed to be used until they have passed the test of approval by the R&A and the US Tennis Association. The two common types of golf projectiles are the recreational and the advanced.

Basics #3 – Golf Club

This kind of is the golfing equipment used to hit the ball. In a regular game, the maximum amount of clubs an individual is allowed to carry is 16. It is important to know different sorts of golf clubs as each kind results in several trip distance and degree of loft. The fundamental varieties of clubs are putters, wedges, irons, woods, and the hybrid club.

Optional #1 – Golf Tee

This kind of equipment can be used to lift the ball from the beginning and provide an easier shot for the player. It is a tiny spike, which has a cup at the top where ball is placed. It is forced into the ground and can only provide at the start of the round.

Optional #2 – Ball Marker

This is the object used to mark the exact location the ball landed, in case the player has to temporarily take away the ball. Nevertheless players are generally not allowed to move their ball, there are still exceptions to the rule. One exemption is when the ball lies directly on the putting type of the opposition and needs to be temporarily moved aside.

Optionally available #3 – Golf Tote

This is an pointed bag mainly for world of golf clubs storage. It is characterized by an amount of pockets at the side for extra golf equipment compartments. There are different bags depending how it will be carried. There are shoulder joint bags, two-wheeled cart hand bags, and bags for golfing carts.