Make Concrete Blocks For A Living With A Solid Foundation

Concrete floor blocks are a basic commodity of the building industry. In case you are buying a great business with a stable foundation this may be the main one for you. Solid products are being used everywhere for building. There is a frequent strong demand. They are always in style unlike here today gone down the road products. They are being used to develop large buildings and small backyard barbeques. There is a market for concrete floor blocks throughout the world and particularly in North America. hollow blocks price philippines

If you are buying a good business, which you can start from home at low cost, making concrete blocks and other concrete products is a great opportunity. Beginning with a part time business, using hand made forms, you can get heading with as little as a few hundred us dollars for supplies and materials. You can operate away of your garage then as business grows and you need more room you can expand to rented premises. The key is in order to keep costs as low as possible to get started on with. Too many businesses fail in the first year because they spend too much money without cause on rents and equipment. Start with the needs through adding more as you develop profitability. 

Solid products of most sorts are naturally heavy and bulky. To transport them for long distances is costly. While a local manufacturer you can supply these products to customers in your area for significantly less than a distant manufacturer can. The savings, in expense of transportation, allow you to price your products very competitively. As a tiny procedure working from your storage area you have little over head cost. No rent, no staff wages mean low production cost. Again this allows one to price very competitively but still make a fantastic profit.

The sole things needed to get started on up are sheet metallic and plywood to make the molds. You may obtain plans with instructions how to do this. To manufacture concrete blocks you will need Portland concrete floor, gravel, sand and normal water. Your local building resource store or lumberyard can supply these items.

With handmade molds one person can make 100 concrete blocks in a times work. You just fill the molds with the appropriate concrete mix then convert the blocks to be able to dry. This kind of is pretty simple. After that as your business grows you will need to acquire a solid block making machine which can turn out many more blocks per day you can with side molds.

You can buy concrete block making machines from various sources. They will are incredibly expensive is to do a very good job. If you can afford it go in advance and buy one. It can greatly increase your output and can pay for itself. You can do it for much less however. You may build your own machine! Used auto parts and a few chances and ends along with some sheet metal are generally you need for this. Plans can be obtained and it is not a difficult project. If you have welding skills this can be done part of the work yourself, usually a local welding shop will go through efficiently for you at pretty low cost.

Making your own machine is not really difficult if you have some mechanical skills. Your home built machine is likely to make 800 cement pads each day. A smaller, very simple hand operated machine can make 200 pads per day and is quite simple to build. Functioning these machines proficiently is a two person job. A single worker runs the machine and the other can take the blocks from it and stacks them on racks to dry. Clearly you will also need sufficient space to bunch hundreds of blocks.