Hairstyles For Gray Hair Without Looking Old

You have decided that you’re heading gray and staying that way. And maybe you feel that you should look at hairstyles for dreary hair. After all, a 40+ year old girl should never choose a look of your hair that the 20 year old would have, right? Zero, wrong! haircuts for big forehead

And just because we get older will that necessarily mean there are less hairstyle alternatives that would be appropriate for a 40+ female? No, of course not! You just don’t want to get carried away by wearing pig tails or side pony tails for instance. 

Your real age has very little to do with a hair style that would be right for you. Actually there are a lot of hairstyles that are classics and if you think about it, you might have seen them yourself. Believe Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada” and what about the well known Peggy Lee with her “platinum” hair?

Think about other classic hairstyles worn by the famous. Queen Diana’s short full slice or Barbara Streisand’s fashionable, long bob. How about those not so famous, striking, sexy gray haired women that you know. They have a few things in common. They will have done their research and found a method that was flattering for his or her face, not their age. Consequently, like any big decision that you make:


1. Less a good hair hair dresser, you need to find one. No, not one who specializes in hair-styles for gray hair – simply a good stylist. Get bold and ask a stranger; “who does your hair? ” Who would not want to hear such a flattering question? And also you get some good advice. Win, Win!

2. In your first visit to the stylist do not get shampooed right away. Discuss options while your hair is dry so that the stylist can see nice hair in it is natural state.

3. Become receptive to new ideas when talking with your hairstylist. A good hair stylist can give you reasonable advice on what might work best for you.

4. Bring along a few pictures of hair styles that you like. That can help the hairstylist create something flattering you will like.

5. Be genuine using what the hair stylist has to assist. Intended for instance, if you have lines and creases on your forehead, you may want to detract from them with feathered breaks or bangs swept away. Maybe you have crow’s feet. Conceal them gently fringed sides that body your face.

6. Slimmer your new hairstyle by amping up your make up, standing straight and make sure that you have a white, shiny smile.