Facebook Paper, Is It Worth Trying?

Although celebrating their ten yr anniversary, Facebook released their latest version of their popular website in an app. While many may feel that this is merely an effort by the website to remain relevant and competitive in the world of social media websites, it is more than that. Paper has efficiently combined everything you have found love and expect from the platform with the ability for users to add categories that are relevant to their particular interests. Users are now able to modify their feed and thin down what exactly they are presented with to only content that they find interesting. video download extensions for chrome

When you open up the iphone app you are presented with items from your newsfeed at the bottom of the display, while photographs that your friends have shared are presented in the bigger section of the display. To see an image in full screen you just touch the image and when you’re done you simply flick it in come back up. For those who enjoy employing their smartphones and are familiar with the touch screen actions, this iphone app may be completely enjoyable and much easier to get around than the traditional Fb software that we get been using. Another advantage to using Paper is that the feed is constantly updating and new posts made by your friends are posted on the bottom of your screen. 

Paper also allows users to view images in a panoramic setting up that is quite new and various. This can be done by observing a picture and slanting your phone from part to side. We are now capable of view parts of images that were unavailable before. When you down load and open the iphone app, you will be provided with a well-designed short training video that will present you to all of the features Paper has to offer. I recommend viewing the tutorial to understand the way the software works and all which can be done within it.

After you have looked at the tutorial video and feel ready to check out the software for yourself, you will then have the ability to choose from different categories such as Tech, Entire world, Ideas, Headlines and other enjoyable and informative categories. Once you have chosen the categories you would like to follow, you then have possibility to view these different pages by swiping the property screen on your phone. This will give you access to information that you actually find interesting while staying away from all of the mess that we have come to expect from the traditional newsfeed.

All in all, I have to say that I enjoy using Newspaper and all that it has to offer. We find that it is much better to locate content posted by my friends and family whilst lacking out on everything different. It is not a decision between viewing this or that; rather it is a great blend and using space. It is user friendly and within a few minutes users really should have the hang of it. I would suggest that all Facebook enthusiasts down load this app; you’ll soon be wondering why they took so long to release such an enjoyable and ground breaking software to stand for their website.