Does a Boat Car Combination Need Dual Registration?

A few weeks ago, I was traveling through Lake Havasu, AZ and I stopped at the local Starbucks, and someone drove up in the parking lot with what looked like a revised Corvette, and yes it was highly modified. That was so modified, it turned out also a boat. Yes, I’m serious, and if you avoid believe me you can go onto YouTube, and you will actually begin to see the exact same car that I noticed in the parking great deal at the Lake Havasu Starbucks. Just go search on YouTube “Corvette Vessel Car ” – in any case, I was quite intrigued, and although I was just transferring through and didn’t have very much time, We really planned to go away on the river and check it out. boat registration south africa

The individual I talked to had a shop in town, where they actually modify these vehicles, and if I had been seriously enthusiastic about buying one, he would have taken me for a test ride. I would have loved to have eliminated, but I don’t honestly have a need for a boat car where I live, and they are quite expensive, even though one of the greatest toys I’ve ever seen in playing. I asked the guy what kind of permit you needed to take your car out on the water. He mentioned to me that a license was okay to operate it on normal water, but that the vehicle also had to have a ship registration. 

Of course, he also had to have a license platter to push it on the road, therefore he needed dual registrations. I said that wasn’t fair, and he agreed that this individual didn’t think it was fair either, but those were the rules and he said that the hardest thing at first was getting insurance, but nowadays there are several insurance companies and underwriters who will insure these vehicles depending on where near your vicinity, or even the world they ship them to. In fact, they have already sold them across the world now to very wealthy individuals with more money than they really know what to do with.

Indeed, I suppose it’s the sort of toy for the person that already has everything. He also indicated that in Illinois it was better to get his car registered as a boat than was in various other states. We asked him if this individual could take it away in the ocean, and he said that you could take it of the harbor, however you want to stay away from ocean waves, especially in the Pacific. He thought it might be fine for the Gulf of Mexico, on a peaceful day when the drinking water had not been too choppy near shore. Anyway, to answer your question, which is also the title of this article; “Does a Boat Car Combination Ought to a Registration? ” The answer then is yes.