Different Types of Cleaning Brushes: On Rotary Brushes and the Like

Maintenance and finishing surfaces have not been so easy and efficient with the use of brushes. That they are considered a basic piece tool in numerous professional applications and usually come in varying dimensions, colors, and capabilities. Below is a short set of different types of brushes for cleaning and finishing in line with the materials they can be made of. แปรงขนทองเหลือง


Brushes manufactured from steel are well suited for concrete finishing that require the use of tough bristles. This type of brush can be used not only on steel and iron, but also on wood, solid, and other materials. Wonderful rule of thumb when it comes to steel alloy brushes is that, the softer the material approaching in contact with the brush, the much more likely that the brush will cut into it. In some circumstances, steel brushes can be used on wet applications that involve corrosion and surfaces with higher temperature ranges. 

Stainless Steel

This not magnetic type of brush is well suited for products made of stainless steel and created aluminum, as well as situations that require repeating brush exposure to dampness. Stainless-steel brushes in tape form can be used as a brush seal on an unit. The brush close up usually is a cover against mist, heat, dust particles, and intrusion. It can even be used for static decrease, hole detection, and app of wet or dried out coating to eliminate loose material. Cylinder, strip, drill, and wheel brushes are some of the types of brushes with brush bristles made of stainless metal.


In contrast to steel and stainless steel, brass wiring are softer , nor damage harder surfaces. This corrosion resistant type of brush is usually made of an alloy of copper (70%) and Zinc (30%). As opposed to bronze, brass cables mounted on a clean machine are also well suited for hazardous environment and fixed reduction applications.


Apart from metal, brushes can even be created from nylon. This type of brush is supposed for a plethora of professional applications because of some notable properties including scratching resistance, higher moisture compression rate, resistance to fragile acids, and bending restoration. Nylon rotary brushes such as wheel, cup, and cylinder brushes come in black and natural colors in crimped and non-crimped formats.