Custom Fit Car Seat Covers Provide Protection And Style

Present drivers spend a whole lot of time when driving of their vehicle. Between traveling to work, running chores, and keeping up with an active family, household pets, eating and drinking in our vehicle has become routine. Spills, drips and messes are inevitable and unless your seats are covered, your upholstery will suffer. Adding quality chair covers are a good idea for retaining the condition of the covers, seats and interior type of any truck, sport electricity, sports car, luxury car or sedan.

Automotive seats covers have evolved over time from being a mere, limited selection of lamb skin or polyester foam-backed covers into a highly complex industry. Quality automobile seat cover manufacturers such as Covercraft and Coverking offer custom fitting features for nearly any type of vehicle. Highly built and CAD pattern designs guarantee a custom fit with a huge selection of available materials. Whether the covers are all natural cotton or a high-tech man made material the choices available today good. Drivers can now also add their personal taste and style with quality covers. 

Solely functional, durable and to be able to covers are one hundred or so percent cotton Canvas. The natural fibers allow air to pass through and circulate eliminating a ‘sweat’ build up behind the cover. Also washable in a home washing machine, Canvas seat covers offer protection without having to shell out a number of money. Color selection is restricted to basic colors like grey, dark-colored and tan.

The Cabeza material used for seats covers offers the same strength and strength used for premium luggage. This kind of waterproof and super resilient material is a perfect fit for active households or people who are out-and-in of their vehicle a lot. Cordura features are made to take high wear and use. Easy to care and clean since Cordura is washable.

Leatherette, an artificial leather look a like, offers the luxurious look and feel of leather with no high cost. Easier to keep clean and new than leather, Leatherette car seat features can easily be easily wiped clean with comfortable fabric. Unlike a natural dietary fiber material that will inhale during a long travel. Leatherette is better best suited for short, frequent excursions.

Neoprene is the latest wonder material for chair covers. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns Neoprene is soft to the touch and comfy. Coverking uses only CR quality neoprene for their chair covers. This is the same dense and dense grade found in surfing wetsuits.

Velour covers give a high style interior touch with its plush and gentle qualities. Foam backing brings structure and comfort to the seat covers. While looking for Velour check the manufacturers warrantee against fading and shrinking. Quality velour chair covers will provide some type of warranty, usually 1 – 2 years.

Forever classic truck chair covers are Saddleblanket. These types of classics give you a return to basics and a traditional style. Saddleblanket truck features are foam backed and have a distinct sewn pattern material.