Ariel 701 Steam Shower With Whirlpool Tub Review

The Ariel 701 Steam Shower room is one of the most popular steam time in the shower being sold today. Really also loaded with great features. I’ll talk in short , about many of these features then I’ll explain to you where you can get a good fats discount.¬†Steam Shower Reviews

One of the best features of the Ariel 701 is that stylish blue colored glass. Besides its looks, the 701 has plenty more to offer. There are four seats with two cushion cushions built in. A solid brass waterfall tap is included as well.

Computer Control Panel 
The pc control panel exhibits everything you need to find out. It shows the ability status, has temperature settings and whirlpool controls, lover control, hands free cell phone, radio and CD adjustments.

Handheld Shower heads
Two people can simultaneously the showerheads.

Ozone Sterilization System
The Ozone Sterilization Anatomy’s job is to make it easier so that you can clean your steam shower. This helps kill bacteria and viruses that can gather in moist environments.

Audio System
The surround audio product is linked to the telephone, radio and COMPACT DISC player. When you have music performing, it will automatically hover near if you answer the phone. You don’t have to literally hold a telephone – you press a button and you speak through the built in microphone.

More features of the Ariel 701:

* 12 whirlpool body massage jets
* Expense rainfall shower brain
2. Waterproof remote control
3. Digital timer and temp of the water control
* FM Radio and audio tracks CD connector
5. Speakers and microphone
5. Blue fluorescent lighting
3. Overhead light
* Fresh air fan
* Fog-free looking glass
* Storage shelves